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Automated Robotic Welding System

The customer’s business has been expanding at about 30 to 50% per year, & the manual welding process could not keep up with the demand for sub-assemblies. Further, increasing cost of purchased assemblies necessitated the company review bringing in-house welding of additional products & assemblies. There was limited space available for the welding cell as the production pace accelerated.

Sunshine TOOL supplied the following items:

  • 7 axis welding robot & attending MIG welding system
  •  Overhead suspension of the robot for reduced footprint.
  • Completely modular welding fixtures
  • Modular welding positioner to handle components up to 11 feet in length & with smaller assemblies 3 fixtures on each side of the positioner. This increased the production of several components & assemblies.
  •  All safety equipment, integration & installation

The system provided:

  • Increased & consistent quality of welds
  • 30 to 40% faster welding of assemblies with reduced cost
  • Modularity of fixtures allows for full use of the positioner regardless of the part or parts being welded
  • Significantly reduced rejects & wasted materials
  • Increased profitability by producing in-house

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Using robotics keeps your employees away

from potentially hazardous machinery &/or processes.