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Multi-Station Assembly Machines
Save You Floor Space

Center Module Assembly Machine

The function of the machine is to automatically assemble drive gears & motor to an electric can opener module. This multi-station machine uses conveyors, pick & place cells, auto screw driving unit, auto-loading units, & special positioning equipment. This machine demonstrates the many aspects of automation that Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING does well.

We started by taking a drive shaft & a ball gear & orienting them onto a fixture perpendicular to the line of travel. The first station lifts the Center Module up & positions it onto the ball gear & drive shaft on the fixture. The next operation takes a drive gear & places it onto the drive shaft. The drive gears are fed from a bowl feeder down a track to a stop. The drive gear is then picked up, position oriented & placed on the module automatically. The next station adds a snap ring onto the drive shaft to secure the drive gear. Then, an intermediate pin is placed (1) pitch diameter away from the drive gear. Once the intermediate pin is in place, the unit takes an intermediate gear & places it in position. If the intermediate gear does not engage properly, it is rotated until it falls into place. Once the intermediate gear has been placed, the intermediate snap ring is placed to secure the gear. The next station places the first of two contacts into a slot & presses down to secure it. Another contact is then placed in a slot at a slight angle to the first. The last station screw drives two screws through the manually placed motor onto the module.

This machine is designed to automatically assemble two (2) different styles of modules without any machine changeovers. The machine rate is one assembly every 5.75 seconds.

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