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Rapid Sorting Machines
Ensure the Right Part at the Right Time

Eyeglass Lens Sorting Machine

Our customer requested an accumulator capable of storing eyeglass lens blanks in magazines. The machine needed to load & draw from any position in no sequential order.

Special considerations were:

  • Random selection of parts from magazines.
  • Controls system capable of interfacing with existing equipment.
  • Indexer must rotate at a speed of 90 degrees per second & must have controlled acceleration & deceleration.
Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING designed a programmable rotary indexing system with dual concentric dial plates, each dial capable of indexing to any position independently.

Equipment furnished:

  • Dual concentric dials with corresponding fixtures.
  • Dual servo index controls for independent operation.

We innovate by starting with the customer & working backwards.

That becomes the touchstone for how we invent.