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Automated Flexible Coupling Machine System

The purpose of this system is to produce finished machined flexible couplings at the rate of 1,050 to 2,000 parts per hour.

The system is an eight station rotary indexing machine as follows:

Station #1: Automatically load two couplings into a dual fixtured nest.

Station #2: Probe presence & position of the coupling.

Station #3: Drill two #13 (0.185) diameter holes, one in each part, with a two spindle drill head.

Station #4: Probe the presence of the tap drilled hole in each part prior to advancing to the tapping station. If either part is missing the drilled hole, neither part will be tapped & both parts will be unloaded as rejects.

Station #5: Tap two #12-32 holes, one in each part, utilizing a two spindle lead screw tapping head.

Station #6: All good, completed parts will be unloaded by a pneumatic pick & place device & placed into chute.

Station #7: All remaining parts will be unloaded into a reject tote pan. The fixture will be checked to assure all parts are removed.

Station #8: Idle.

Automation helps reduce work in process & conserves capital.