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"Automation Production Done Right" for over 25 years

Your Processes Made Safer & More Productive

Multi-Part Sorting Eliminates

Your Need for Individual Bowl Feeders

Hopper Elevator

Our customer, requested we manufacture a multi-purpose system to gently bulk feed parts with ratios of diameter greater than height without the need for centrifugal, rotary or vibratory feeders handling a number of operations.

Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING designed & fabricated a universal hopper & elevator that uses the center of gravity of the components to discriminate one side versus the other and allow only one orientation to travel up the cleated belt. The equipment could be used in the following ways as a:

  • Hopper Elevator
  • Cap Orienter
  • Base cup Orienter
  • Plastic Jar Orienter
  • Lid Orienter
  • Miscellaneous Parts Orienter
Special considerations included:
  • To provide an elevator belt system capable of positive yet gentle product control
  • Capable of accepting only one level of diameter components between cleats
  • Capable of storing a given number of cubic feet of components for maintaining a reloading frequency, favorable to production needs

Precise mechatronics planning in macroeconomics profoundly mediates prominent multiplications of production.