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Taking Manual Processes

to Full Automation

Intravenous Cannula Assembly System

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer asked Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING to help increase productivity & yield over the current manufacturing process where the existing 4 machines each required a full-time operator.  Previous companies failed in their attempts to come up with an automation solution.

Our solution was to provide a fully automatic assembly system that runs at a rate of 90 pieces per minute that would not damage the product & required only maintaining the level of parts in the feeding system.

Special considerations included:

  • The N.P. (needle point) length must be gauged to approximately .004" without doing any damage to the cannula point
  • No damage (no matter how insignificant) can be done to the product during the assembly process
  • Cannula inserts must be fed from storage racks automatically

The great differentiator in business is when an organization steps out & creates value from something never tried before.