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Medical Device Packaging System

Our customer had a completely manual process for labeling, packing & palletizing medical devices. The system had been in place for several years & had become unsuitable to service their customers. It required 6 people to operate on each shift, did not protect the medical device packaging from being touched by human hands, was too slow for the growth in orders & presented quality issues with labeling.

Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING designed a completely automatic system requiring no human contact with the packaging. The system was composed of the following:

  • Automatic conveyor system
  • 3 robots
  • Automatic check weighing machine
  • Automatic labeling with vision control of both medical device bags & cartons
  • Automatic carton erection, packing & palletizing

The customer now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Completely non-human touching of the product & packaging
  • 1 operator instead of 6 per shift
  • 2 hrs to complete each pallet instead of 4 hrs with the original system
  • Exact quality control via weight verification per bag & per carton resulting in significantly reduced rejects
  • Exacting placement of medical labels on both the bags & cartons to comply with updated & current medical device labeling specifications from the end users

Our solutions reduce labor turnover

& difficulty of recruiting skilled workers.