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Oil Filter Assembly System

The photo below represents a system that assembles oil filters. The system is designed to run at a rate of 80 parts per minute. The system is broken down into four sections.

#1  The first is the assembly of the element to the ADB (the part designation for a gasket). As the assembled element leaves the assembly station, it is inspected to insure all the elements have an ADB present. If the gasket is missing, then the element is diverted on a recirculating conveyor. This conveyor will store the elements until ten (10) pieces have been accumulated, at which time, these elements will be run through the assembly station again.

#2  The second section of the system is to place a can into a puck. The cans and the pucks are fed into a starwheel assembly. The upper section accepts the can & the lower section accepts the puck. The upper and lower starwheels are separated by a dead plate. As the assembly rotates, the dead plate ends & the can drops into the puck.

#3  Section three takes the assembled elements & deposits them into a can. This is accomplished much in the same manner as station two. There is a starwheel assembly that consists of an upper starwheel & a lower starwheel.  These two starwheels are separated by a dead plate. The assembled element enters the upper starwheel & the can seated in its puck enters the lower starwheel. The starwheel assembly rotates the dead plate ends & the element drops into the can. As the partially assembled filter leaves the station, it is inspected to ensure that there is an element in the can. If the element is missing, the can is diverted off-line.

​#4  Section four takes the partially assembled filter & places a CBA on top of it. The CBA is fed into the system by the means of an incline conveyor. At this point, the system works much the same as the above two sections. The CBA enters the top starwheel; the partially assembled filter enters the lower starwheel. Again, there is a dead plate that separates the two parts until it is time to mate them together. After the CBA has been deposited on top of the filter, it passes through a compression roller to help seat the two parts together before leaving the assembly center. There is also an inspection of the fine assembly to insure that the CBA is present on the top. If the filter is missing, then this unfinished part is diverted off-line.

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