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Automatic Pucking Assembly System

A major automotive oil filter manufacturer requested an operator-free system that would allow for component stability, the running of several different sizes while maintaining constant datum control points for easy & quick changeovers by automatically assembling empty cans into pucks.

Sunshine TOOL designed & fabricated a pucking system with can & puck in-feed conveyors which vary the puck depths & inner diameters to allow any size can to end up at the same height, hence eliminating changeovers downstream at the filler, sealer, labeler, etc.

Special considerations included:

  • Providing a system capable of accepting empty cans at an upper level.
  • Providing a system capable of accepting empty pucks from a recirculating conveyor at a lower level.
  • Assembling the cans into the pucks without an attendant.
  • Accomplishing the assembly without scuffing, marring or marking the outer surfaces of the cans in any way.

Automation will increase your product manufacturing flexibility.