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Video Clips

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Automated Condenser Coil Bending Machine

Our customer tried several methods to precisely bend condenser coils without success. Sunshine Automation & Tooling developed this Automatic Condenser Coil Bending Machine system as a solution.

Please note: Individual coil flats have different “spring-back” effects when bent depending on the material, parameters & particular supplier. Previously, operators had to re-do the bends to accommodate for this. Upon using the automatic condenser coil bending machine system from Sunshine Automation & Tooling, once the first coil flat is bent, the “spring-back” is programmed into the system to compensate for the remaining batch.

Bon Appétit Robotic Bakery Pan Palletizing System

This bakery pan palletizing system is an example of the flexible robotic material handling systems Sunshine Automation & Tooling produces for challenging customer applications. The key to the system is the SINGLE robotic end-of-arm tooling we designed & manufactured to grasp & stack 14 different pan sizes. Each pan size has its own palletizing stack pattern & requires delicate handling so as to not damage the pan as it fits very tightly into high-speed bread baking machines & ovens.

Totally Tubular Robotic Press Loader

In this demo, our ABB robot removes various parts from a process-specific parts feeder, presents the parts to a progressive 3-press stamping process & deposits the completed part into a take-away operation.  The process is safer for the operator, reduces mis-stamped parts & provides higher throughput.  In what way, can we help you increase your profitability?

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