Design, development and building of automation machinery and robotics for companies around the world

Our solutions are as unique as the tasks and markets we serve. From drilling, machining and assembling parts to registering and stacking sheets of plastic or Kevlar one fifth the thickness of a human hair 3 feet wide by 15 feet long accurately 3000 sheets high, solutions are our business. Our customers span the nation and the world. Domestically we have customers from California to New York, Michigan to Miami. Our composite machinery services Boeing from our customers in Arizona, Michigan and California as well as Airbus from our customers in the UK, Luxembourg and Germany.

Automation Design

Design, development and building of automated machinery and robotics.

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Proudly made in the USA
Machining of custom metal, plastic and composite parts.

Machining of custom parts to your specifications

With complete CNC Turning and Milling capability along with conventional tooling, our machinists can produce parts to your exact specifications, or reverse engineer parts for direct replacement when no documentation is available.  We offer the added benefit of evaluating your processes to determine what can be done to prevent breakage, wear or premature failure of parts in your system.

Custom Parts Tooling

Rebuilding, refurbishing and upgrading of your existing manufacturing, assembly and packaging machinery.

Machine rebuilding, refurbishment & upgrades for existing equipment

One of our specialties is to reclaim the value and workability of your existing machinery. Machines eventually run their course, parts wear out, components become obsolete or irreplaceable and machines become unusable over time. In many cases this happens long after the machine has paid for itself. However there is still value in your current manufacturing, assembly, sorting and processing machinery. We can take an old machine on its last legs and bring it up to current standards for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Machine Rebuilding

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Proundly made in the USA
Robotics Value Provider using ABB robotics, programming and automation.
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